ADHD: Where in the **** did I put my calendar. Seriously.

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You know how ADHD is kind of a moving target? Just when you think you have yourself in a routine, some part of it falls to shit? Sometimes it’s even a part that you have gotten pretty good at?

Right. So I can’t find my calendar, anywhere. I have a paper calendar, that fits into a certain pocket in my awesome mobile office. My mobile office is a large, black, rectangular bag of a structured shape, that has pockets designated for everything. Makeup pocket, pen/pencil pocket, binder and notebooks pocket, iPhone pocket, camera and cords pocket and one pocket without a designated use, in case I just need to quickly stash something, or bring something extra with me that doesn’t belong in one of the other pockets. I’m pretty good (not perfect, but pretty good) about using the pockets properly, and putting things back. When I see an empty pocket…

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